Consequences of Unsafe Premises

It is mandated by law that if any given person or party owns a property, the premises must be kept structurally sound and safe for all who might inhabit it, in order to protect all who might enter from accidents or injury lest you become liable for any and all injuries sustained due to negligence.

This can be to things as simple as putting up warning labels if the floor is wet or making sure that the roof or the walls or the stairs won’t cave in. There are a million different ways that premises can be declared unsafe; if injury is sustained due to the negligence of the premises’ owner, immediate legal action is recommended.

Not all injury is immediately evident however as there are some consequences that are not visible to the naked eye, as is the damage done by inhalation of dangerous toxins found in paint laced with lead or present asbestos.

There is also the possibility that if the place is easily accessible but dangerous for children, the premises could be marked as an attractive nuisance as an added charge along with being proclaimed as unsafe premises. According to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, there are many different ways that could render a place dangerous, ergo unsafe, then making the pursuit of a premises liability claim as one that is validated and recommended by law.

If you have been the victim of a property owner’s negligence with maintaining the safety requirements of keeping the premises safe for habitation, then you are warranted to press legal charges on the grounds of unsafe premises against the offending party. The aftermath of having suffered through such ordeals is not strictly confined to physical damage but also financial constraints as well as emotional trauma. The offending party should be held accountable to his or her negligence and pay the dues owed to the victim as recompense and as a reminder for everyone to keep their environments safe.