Common Disputes in Contested Divorces

Divorce rates are going up, and a number of these divorce encounter problems or disagreements that result in them being categorized as contested divorce. Because of the disagreements by both parties on certain issues regarding the divorce, a “contested divorce” may be the most difficult type of divorce. Most of the time this type of divorce ends up in court, giving the judge the authority to decide certain issues for the divorcing partners.

A contested divorce has both spouses disputing some aspect of the divorce agreements, and, according to the website of law firm Alexander & Associates, from Lewisville, Texas, this could lead to added stress and higher legal fees for both spouses. The longer the divorce proceedings go, the more time and money will be spent. Both spouses need to undergo a lot of steps in order to have the divorced finalized. They both need to work closely with their lawyers to ensure that their end is not overlooked, and see what needs to be compromised and agreed on so that they can come into terms with the necessary aspects of the divorce proceeding.

Among the most common disputes that occur in a divorce are child support agreements, division of debts and assets, alimony, and many others. It can become even more complicated when there are issues such as paternity and domestic violence issues involved. All these aspects where both spouses do not agree on would be presented to court before the judge. Witnesses will be asked by lawyers that represent each of the spouses, and evidence will be cross-examined. The judge will then be the one who will decide on settling these aspects of the divorce. Because of the complexity of a contested divorce, it helps that both spouses have trusted and experienced lawyers representing them in court in order for their rights to be fought and protected while the trial is ongoing. Having an experienced divorce lawyer is also important when children are involved, since divorce can be a very difficult and trying experience for them as well.