Laws that Dog Owners Need to Comply With

Laws that Dog Owners Need to Comply With

In 2013, there were 32 dog attacks that resulted in death: 18 of the victims were children, the other 14 were adults. The number of fatal dog attacks jumped to 42 in 2014, with 19 children as victims, 1 was a teen, while the remaining 22 were adults.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an average of 368,000 victims are rushed to hospital emergency departments every year. In 2012 specifically, more than 27,000 individuals bitten by dogs required reconstructive surgery.

Dog owners naturally believe that their pet dog is the greatest and friendliest dog; however, to assume that pet dogs are totally harmless or that other dogs are as friendly as their pet is definitely a wrong assumption.

Dog owners are fully responsible in caring and keeping their pet/s healthy and safe. This includes making sure that their dogs get their daily dose of exercise, besides giving these the right food on timely intervals. Dog exercise, according to dog experts, should be a part of a dog’s regular activities. Being energetic animals, a dog’s unspent energy can be directed to damaging or injurious behavior, like destructive chewing, constant scratching on the wall, door or floor, knocking of furniture over, jumping up on people, play biting, rough play, whining or constant digging. Though a sad fact, but many owners are late to realize that unused energy can make their pets injurious, especially, to children and senior citizens.

It is no doubt that dogs are fun and loving animals, but these too can turn against anyone if threatened. To keep people from being bitten or attacked by dogs, especially in public places, such as parks and woods trails, many U.S. states have enacted laws which will keep dogs restrained and kept from injuring anyone.

The states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, for instance, have passed the leash law, which mandates that dogs should be on a leash, especially in places like schools, parks, beaches, and protected natural areas. Other states simply outlaw loose dogs or dogs at large. Denver and, Colorado have even gone to the point of banning a specific breed of dog, specifically, the pit bull, due to the devastating cases of attacks reported of this breed. Other cities have adopted laws similar to that of Colorado’s, mandating strict regulation on the ownership of pit bulls.

Many dog owners still definitely need to know how to take proper care of their dogs and how to keep these from being a threat to anyone, despite their claims that their pets are very friendly. Likewise, there are a number of important things that dog bite and dog attack victims need to know, such as their legal right and options and the right to be compensated by the owner of the dog which attacked or bit them.

According to the Mokaram Law Firm, “Personal injuries are often very overwhelming and can quickly turn traumatic if financial burden hinders recovery.” This is why it is necessary for those who get injured due to the negligent acts of others to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately to be able to seek the compensation they are legally allowed to pursue.

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